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Aridity and Contemplation

What are the three signs of aridity that come from God and lead to initial contemplation? Find out when Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen teaches and reflects, an excerpt from the Carmelite meditation classic “Divine Intimacy”.


Easter and the Resurrection

Easter is upon us! Rejoice in the triumph of Christ! On this edition of Divine Intimacy Radio, Dan Burke and Melissa Elson discuss the glory of the Resurrection and the dramatic changes it brought in the lives of Christ’s disciples.


The Garden of the Soul

How is our soul like a garden? How should we care for the garden of our soul? When we feel the presence of God in prayer, what should we do? Dan and Melissa look to the wisdom of the saints as they discuss answers to these questions in today’s show.


Supernatural Obedience

What is supernatural obedience? How does it benefit us to exercise it? Find out as Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects in this excerpt from the classic Carmelite meditation book “Divine Intimacy”.


Transitioning from Meditation to Contemplation

What is the difference between meditation and contemplation? What does the transition between them look like? Dan and Melissa discuss when and how this transition takes place as they reflect on the book “Finding God Through Meditation” by St Peter of Alcantara.



What are imperfections? Find out when Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen instructs and reflects on these obstacles to true holiness.

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