Fr. Michael Najim

Fr. Michael Najim is a priest of the Diocese of Providence. He is Pastor of St. Pius X Parish in Westerly, Rhode Island and has been the Director of Spiritual Formation at Our Lady of Providence Seminary and Chaplain of LaSalle Academy, a coed Catholic high school in Providence, RI. He is the author of Radical Surrender: Letters to Seminarians, published by the Institute for Priestly Formation. He also blogs at Fr. Michael Najim’s Blog.

Articles By Fr. Michael Najim


A Holy Week Meditation

How do the Gospels of Holy Week help us celebrate the Sacred Triduum? Why are they important? Find out when Fr Michael Najim’s reflections lead into deeper prayer.


The Gift of Pain

How in the world can pain ever be a gift? Is God whispering, speaking, or shouting to us through it? Find out as Father Michael Najim reflects on this very thing!


How to Start Your Day in Holiness

How can we start our day in holiness? Find out when Father Michael Najim outlines four steps that can be used to focus on the Lord…from the very beginning of the day!


Are You Living It Right?

Are we living our lives in the right way? Father Michael Najim reflects on whether or not we are doing so and where our true home lies.


Are You Fully Alive?

Are You Fully Alive? St. Irenaeus, a bishop and early Church Father, wrote, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” I love this quote.  In one sentence he describes what it means to be holy. To be holy means being fully alive; to be holy means being fully the persons God created us to


In Conversation With God: Book Recommendation

In Conversation with God: Book Recommendation from Father Michael Najim   Father Michael Najim recommends the tool of daily spiritual reading as a wonderful thing to incorporate into your daily spiritual plan of life.  Reading a good spiritual book helps stoke the fire of God’s love in your heart, even if it is just ten


Suffering and Transfiguration: A Lenten Reflection

Suffering and Transfiguration: A Lenten Reflection Suffering and transfiguration: A Short Lenten Reflection by Father Michael Najim Father Michael Najim provides a short video on suffering and transfiguration as a reflection for this second week of our Lenten journey. Suffering is a part of life and there are different types of suffering, including suffering because


Spiritual Gameplan for Lent

Spiritual Gameplan for Lent As we approach the season of Lent, it is important to have a plan for how we are going to spend it, how we might grow spiritually.       …with our thanks to Father Michael Najim for sharing this video with us on having a spiritual gameplan for Lent. Editor’s


The Key to Living a Holy Life

The Key to Living a Holy Life The name of my blog sometimes frightens me because I fear I’ve set myself up as someone who knows how to be holy or who knows how to give advice on how to live a holy life. Neither of those are true! The truth is that I don’t believe

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