Charlie McKinney

Charlie McKinney is the Publisher of Sophia Institute Press and President of Sophia Institute for Teachers,,, and Charlie is a convert to the Catholic Faith and is a regular guest on Catholic radio and television. He and his wife have four children and they reside in New Hampshire.

Articles By Charlie McKinney

The Desire for a Child

The desire for a child is an innate yearning share by many women; however, the struggle to fulfill this longing can be very burdening. Hannah from the Bible encountered these difficulties before achieving her heart’s desire, but remained steadfast in her trust in God throughout.


Mary Magdalene: A Model of Self-Denial

Catholic Art portrays many beauties, one of which is Guercino’s painting, “The Penitent Magdalene with Two Angels,” as depicted in Liz Lev’s book, “How Catholic Art Saved the Faith.”


Identify Your Predominant Fault: An Act of Humility

Failure to recognize your predominant fault creates a barrier between you and humility. In this chapter from, “The Handbook of Spiritual Perfection,” author Philip Dion bridges this gap so that we may become more virtuous individuals.


And He Dwelt Among Us

In this chapter from his book “A Priest Answers 27 Questions,” Fr. Kerper reflects some of the most confusing questions of the Advent Season.


St. Stephen the Valiant

In this chapter from her book “The Year and Our Children,” Mary Newland captures the courage exemplified by St. Stephen.


Light Amidst the Darkness

In this chapter from his book “Meditations for Advent,” Bishop Bossuet reflects on Christ as light that guides our hearts during this Advent season.

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