Exorcist Diary: Demons Are Without Remorse

One of our spiritual sensitives was present in an exorcism session. The demons were tormenting and choking a possessed person. She was stunned by the demons’ complete lack of remorse or even an ounce of pity. In fact, they actually delighted in making the person suffer.

This is an important insight for an exorcism team. We naturally expect people to show some compassion and to treat others with at least a modicum of respect. Demons do not. They will inflict the maximum suffering allowed. Fortunately, God greatly limits them. Nevertheless, we all need to be careful when demons are manifesting and to expect the worst.

At times, sadly, we humans also make others suffer. But we have a remedy. We can confess our sins. We can ask for forgiveness from God and from those we have harmed. We can do our best to provide restitution for any damage caused. This is especially appropriate during this Lenten season.

Demons are beyond hope. In their absolute and irrevocable rejection of Jesus, they have rejected God’s mercy. However, we humans are never beyond hope in this life, even at our last breath. In the end, it is only by God’s mercy that any of us are saved.

People often plead with me to liberate them from demons. Some are thinking I have some special prayer that will cast out their evil spirits. I can think of no greater prescription for liberation than a heartfelt confession and cleansing power of God’s mercy.


*To see a short video on confessing sins and to pray with Msgr. Rossetti for forgiveness, see this video link or:

If you are Catholic, you should follow it up with the great grace of a sacramental confession.

This post was originally published on Catholicexorcism.org and is reprinted here with permission.
Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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