Glory to God in the Highest!

All praise and glory to Our God, who humbled Himself to become “the least of these” and who became man that we might become like Him.

Every year this astonishing reality bursts forth upon us like the Christmas star, illuminating all our earthly realities and infusing them with meaning and hope. The light of the star this day casts out the shadow of evil and allows us to see the splendor of brightness poured forth over creation–and by the coming of Jesus, already remaking it into something new, elevated far beyond Eden.

Are we not incredibly privileged to be people of the New Testament, witnesses to the life-changing power of His coming?

He comes to us continuously.  Sacramentally, through grace, through the circumstances of the present moment, through the life of prayer–and yes, through you.

This Christmas season, we wish to thank you for being Jesus to us, for allowing Him to be present in you so that we may encounter Him powerfully through your charity and generosity.

We are praying fervently that the Child Jesus will bless you and yours this Christmas season. Merry Christmas, friends.

Yours in the newborn Savior,

Dan and Stephanie Burke

Unum est Necessarium

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