Exorcist Diary: Demons Retaliate Against the Saints

Last time, I related how powerful the Litany of the Saints was when used in a recent exorcism. The results were astounding and led to the quick liberation of a possessed young woman. As each saint was invoked and the first-class relic of the saint was placed on the afflicted person’s forehead, the demons kept shouting, “Not that name! Not that name!” They howled in agony and were quickly expelled.

Less than a week later one of our exorcists, who is also the pastor of a parish, put out a handful of relics of the saints for veneration in his church. For many years without incident, he has followed this practice in the month of November, the month when we venerate All Saints. But this year, the relics were stolen.

The security cameras show that a woman in a dark coat sat in front of the relics for some time. Then as she approached the relics, the security camera tape went inexplicably blank for five and one-half minutes. The tape subsequently shows that the reliquaries in which the relics were housed were opened and the relics (the thecas) were stolen while the reliquaries themselves were not.

One might first presume that it was a case of a simple robbery. But the reliquaries were not stolen and most likely they would be the object of a robbery. Who would steal a little piece of the bone or blood of a saint and leave behind a somewhat ornate reliquary? Moreover, the security cameras went blank precisely as she was apparently stealing them.

While we do not want to jump to conclusions, it seems more than likely that this was an intentional act to steal the sacred remains of the saints and not a simple robbery. Also, the “malfunction” of the security camera at precisely the time of the robbery suggests that demons were directly involved in the act. It is highly unlikely she could have pulled off such a technical feat, but it would be a simple task for demons. And if demons were involved, then this woman was likely acting at the behest of Satan. She is probably a minion of the Evil One.

Our response? We pray for the conversion and salvation of her soul. We also pray that these holy objects will be returned. This retaliation of the Evil One against the saints only reaffirms our conviction of the importance of the saints in the battle against evil. In the days ahead, the Litany of the Saints and the relics of the saints will hold a place of great importance for us in our exorcisms.

This post was orignally published on Catholicexorcism.org and is reprinted here with permission.

Image: Depositphotos

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