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Our true worth does not consist in what human beings think of us. What we really are consists in what God knows us to be. – St. John Berchmans

This world would tell you that your worth is determined by material goods, what do you have. By decaying looks, how do you appear. By what you’ve “accomplished” based on the flawed standards of fleeting and broken world… but remember this, all is rot.

What you see around you will turn once again to ash and dust. There is only one thing that will remain… and only one truth you must hold onto.

You are an adopted child of God. Brought into his family by baptism, and promised an inheritance. You are an heir to the throne of the king. You are a price, or a princess, of the most royal family the universe has ever known.

That is the foundation of your worth. The truth that you belong to God, the truth that he made you for a special purpose, to fulfill a mission for him, and his kingdom in the sight of the holy ranks of angels.

And on top of all of that, a price has been paid for your soul. You have been purchased for salvation. You are so worthy he paid for you with the cost of his sons life…

Step back. Look around. Memento Mori. Give thanks for your blessings, but detach your soul from this world, and attach it to the cross, where your worth truly will be found.

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Disclaimer: Not all views expressed in this show by the host or any of the guests, past or future, represent Catholic Spiritual Direction or anyone associated with Catholic Spiritual Direction.

The purpose of the show is to facilitate an engaging and thoughtful conversation with the desire and goal of deepening all aspects and understanding of the Catholic Faith. This requires asking hard questions, engaging in conversations that may be uncomfortable, intellectual honesty, and above all, full allegiance and surrender to Christ and His Church. Thank you for listening.

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