Exorcist Diary: Decorated Soldier Busts Ring of Satanists

Her 2.5-ton army LMTV vehicle exploded when it hit an IED. She dragged two American soldiers from the burning vehicle; shot four insurgents and stabbed a fifth before lapsing into a coma. During her four deployments to Afghanistan, she was decorated with a bronze star, purple heart, meritorious service medal, and two battlefield promotions.

Back in the USA, a ring of Satanists targeted her, underestimating the strength and character of this petite-looking 5’2″ 113 pound young Catholic soldier. These men were targeting virtuous female soldiers, trying to bend them to their evil. The Satanists threatened her and said if she did not murder a certain named individual, they would kill her younger brothers and sisters back home.

One of the members of the cult had this tattoo on his arm:


It appears to be an image of Aka Manah, a demon of “evil desire.” When someone tattoos the image of a demon on their bodies, it is like branding an animal to its owner. These men were willingly under the control of Satan.

When they accosted and threatened her, this decorated army soldier knocked the first one down, where he laid bleeding. The others fled in fear. She had the presence of mind to surreptitiously tape the conversation and it was also videotaped with cameras on the premises. To the credit of the senior Army leadership, seven members of the cult were immediately arrested and are now in prison, awaiting trial. One of these Satanists confessed to multiple crimes including covering up murders of innocent people.

She is a decorated soldier who heroically serves in our armed forces and, I suspect, a powerful soldier in the Army of Christ.

This post was originally published on catholicexorcism.org and is reprinted here with permission.
Featured image courtesy of Unsplash.

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