As a licensed psychologist, I have treated many people who are clinically depressed. There are many kinds of depressions and most are very treatable. Typically a combination of medications and psychotherapy are effective. But there are a few that are treatment-resistant, for a variety of reasons.

A while ago, we were praying over someone who had extensive involvement in the occult. At one point, one of our spiritually gifted people in the room said, “You seem to have a spirit of depression hanging onto you.” The afflicted person confirmed that he was recently suffering acutely from depression. I had him say: “I renounce any evil spirits of depression and, in Jesus’ name, I command them to leave.” (Laity have authority over their own bodies and can command demons to leave them.). I then affirmed it: “As a representative of the Church, I invoke the keys of St. Peter and I command the demons of depression to leave.” Within seconds, the darkness seemed to lift and he felt much better… and has remained so.

An increasing exposure to the demonic brings with it a darkness, heaviness, and a depressive effect. While it looks like a depression, it typically does not respond to medications or psychotherapy. As we continue to invoke the healing power of Jesus and command evil spirits to leave, one solid sign of improvement is the lifting of a darkness around the person and an increasing sense of light, joy and peace.

When someone is depressed, our first intervention is to suggest seeing a mental health professional. But if that doesn’t work and there are signs of a demonic presence, then strong deliverance prayers including a command to the demons of depression to leave might be in order.

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