Exorcist Diary: Casting out Demons of Fear

This week one of our graced team members was praying in the middle of the night, a time when the work of the Spirit is particularly clear, and she was filled with fear. Her consciousness was filled and paralyzed by fear. It was an overwhelming experience.

She knew what she was called to do. She offered the fear to God, again and again. She gave the fear to the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts, there to be burnt up and made harmless. Again and again throughout the hour, she offered this overwhelming fear and panic to their hearts and it was, again and again, burnt up. Through the night’s holy hour, she prayed, “Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in you.” Finally, at the end of the hour, it was over. Peace returned.

It seems clear that there was a grace for all of us in that hour. Fear is gripping our nation and the world. Evil spirits of fear, panic and terror are everywhere trying to destroy our trust in God. The solution is clear: commend it all to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. There it will be burnt up and made harmless. During it all, we should say the prayer often, “Jesus I trust in you.”

In the end, peace will be restored. Of that, there is no doubt.

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