Meditations After Holy Communion: Remembering God’s Love

Have you ever paused to consider how much God loves you? You might have had specific moments or experiences in which you were overwhelmed by God’s love. It could have been after the celebration of Mass or after Confession or at a time when God spared you some misfortune. It also could have been in the small things in life. When I sit outside during the summer and watch the sunset or look at the beauty of nature, I become awed that God loves me so much that I am able to take in His created wonders.

In the spiritual life, it is important for us never to forget these occasions of grace. Remembering these moments should move us to give thanks to God for the blessings He allowed us to receive. Each time we are privileged to receive the Holy Eucharist, that, too, is a moment of overwhelming love, when Jesus, who loves us so much, comes to us sacramentally. Let every Sunday be a reminder of God’s love through the Sacrament of Charity, which is the Eucharist.

Points to Ponder

When was the last time you told the Lord how much you love Him? Do you ever think about God’s love for you? Recall one experience where you were overwhelmed by how much God loves you. Allow that to begin a conversation with God in which you express your love and gratitude and commit yourself to loving Him more.

Father, thank You for loving us so much that You gave Your Son, Jesus, to the world to die on the Cross. Thank You for loving me so much that now I am able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. Fill me with Your divine love so that I will never forget how much You love me and that I will see how Your love surrounds me every day.


This article is adapted from a chapter in Meditations After Holy Communion by Fr. Edward Looney which is available from Sophia Institute Press.

Art for this post on the Eucharist: Cover and featured image used with permission.

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