This week I was giving a workshop to exorcists and I casually mentioned that our exorcism ministry is really a work of the angels. We are fortunate to be allowed to share in it. Thus, we should be “breathing the air” of the angels. I was surprised by how several of them were struck by that thought.

It is true. The archangel Michael and legions of angels cast out Lucifer and his reprobate angels from heaven. We continue their work on this earth.

We exorcists are ministering among the angels and actually surrounded by them. A mystic told me that at every exorcism there is at least one high ranking angel present and helping- an angel from the rank of “Powers.” At more difficult exorcisms, we have had as many as eight. I believe her.

To “breathe the air” of angels, we need to detach a bit more from worldly values and live more intentionally in the spiritual realm of the angels. Eventually, as our life is more consciously lived in the company of angels, they become our companions and friends. We are living in good company and it is a joy!

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