Exorcist Diary #6: Can You Convert Demons?

I recently heard of a group, perhaps just a bad rumor, that invited demons into their bodies in order to convert them…. Yikes! What a bad move!

I was in the midst of an exorcism recently and the demons were suffering greatly as a result of the prayers. I commanded them to answer, “Did you make a bad choice rejecting God?” The answer came back reluctantly, “Yes.” I then asked, “Are you suffering because of it?” Again, the reluctant response, “Yes.” And so I concluded with the question, “So would you change your choice if you could?” They answered, “No.” That is an example of the sickness of evil and sin- they know they made a bad choice but still wouldn’t change it.

Demons cannot be converted. So, to all those in deliverance ministry, don’t try. Don’t try to convince them of the Truth. At times I will force them to tell the Truth. For example, I will command them to answer, “Whose death and resurrection smashed Satan’s kingdom?” They will respond only under duress, “Jesus.” In an exorcism, we “pour the Truth down their throats,” as one senior exorcist described the Rite, but we cannot convert them. They are lost forever.

Image credit: Pixabay

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