Start being brave about everything.  Drive out darkness and spread light.  Don’t look at your weaknesses.  Realize instead that in Christ crucified you can do everything.

-St. Catherine of Siena

Last month hundreds of thousands of people descended on cities across the country and marched for life, witnessing to this great gift of God and its inviolate sacredness.  We sense a swelling of the Spirit, a growing awareness of the call to come forward and take a stand for those who cannot stand for themselves, to be a voice for the small and silent, a light for those in the sacred darkness of the womb.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.

-Proverbs 31:8

And, because you are with us here at the Avila Foundation, you know too of the immense treasure within each human person:  another kind of life, eternal and infinitely precious—the immortal soul, imprinted with God’s image and created with a space that only He can fill.

Like us, you see people everywhere—in the world, in your cities, neighborhoods, workplaces, and most devastatingly, in your own families—turning to counterfeit ‘fillers’ for this ache within them which only bring death.  You hurt because you know that they will never find fulfillment without God, without His grace, His Church, His truth.  And you know, too, that we will never have a healthy culture which respects life—or a vibrant Church which witnesses to it—without converted hearts, turned completely toward God, filled with His own life.

This, my friends, is exactly why we do what we do.  

This is why the Avila Foundation began, why it continues, why it will always and forever be a voice of truth and beacon of light as the line dividing death and life grows more and more pronounced.  We will never stop inviting souls to join us on the side of eternal life and leave behind the shiny emptiness of the enemy’s false promises.  We will never stop forming souls who have planted themselves firmly on the side of truth but know that there is always more to learn, that God always has more for them, and that He is daily re-creating them for a holy purpose. (And yes, that means you!)

Will you help us keep the lamps lit?  

This Lent, will you dig deep into your resources and find a way to help us reach the lost and strengthen the found?  Will you make a holy offering for the young men on their way to the priesthood, the devout poor who desire formation, those trapped in sin and suffering, the spiritually thirsty, the sacramentally hungry?  Will you quench the thirst of God Himself, His thirst for souls?

We ask you to consider making a monthly donation to the Avila Foundation this Lent.  These regular gifts, no matter how big or small, make a huge difference and are especially effective because they allow us to plan ahead and make the best use of our time and resources.  God has used our friends and benefactors to partner with us in ways that even a few years ago I could never have imagined.  Our best years are ahead—we have big things in store—but we need you to make them happen.  

Please make a recurring gift HERE.

If you already give, please know that I couldn’t be more grateful.  If you decide today to join me in this mission or increase your part in it, know that I see your sacrifice and am on my knees with gratitude to God for you and the ways He is using you for the Kingdom. 

There is no more important work than the work which leads to eternal life.

Thank you for being brave with us.

Yours in Christ,

Dan Burke

President, Avila Foundation



Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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