The Word is Coming: Will We Recognize Him?

Keeping watch and waiting for the Lord is part of the mystery of Advent Prayer.
If we keep faithful to the discipline of this Advent,
a grace that we do not expect will seize us
and we will find ourselves plunged into the most beautiful paradoxes:
With Divine Power, the Word is coming in a new way, and
we cannot presume we will recognize Him.
Just as fasting from physical food
keeps us spiritually hungry for the Bread of Life, and

Interrupting our sleep for prayer
helps our hearts find rest in the Prince of Peace, and

Pondering His teaching with our hearts
humbles our intellect and baptizes our imagination in glory:

So too setting aside our daily routine for the sake of our neighbor
aids us in our quest
For the One who has set aside everything for us.


Photo via Unsplash by Jarl Schmidt

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