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Two of the most troubling moments of my life as a Catholic occurred this year. The first was when I was editing an editorial of the National Catholic Register on the topic of seminarian abuse in South America. The second was when I was addressing a small group of faithful Catholics on the abuse crisis, and I broke down and wept uncontrollably. Both were a surprise, the latter required about twenty minutes to pass before I could compose myself.

My tears fell because I love the Catholic Church. I love our priests, our tradition, our faith. It has changed my life. To consider that such evil has been allowed in and such profound harm has been given so much cover – to consider the suffering it has caused, has been, for me, traumatic.

Even so, I have not lost hope – not even close. I have not and will never even consider leaving His Church. Because, after all, it is His Church. Our brokenness only confirms our need for and the truth of the Gospel – the Good news that Jesus has come. He has given His life for us. He has given us a Church through which we receive His constant outpouring of Grace and sustenance.

My hope and joy also emerges out of this crisis because the Avila Foundation is powerfully and effectively addressing this crisis. Our High Calling program is preparing men to launch into the most important role of their lives as a priest. Our spiritual formation programs are reaching thousands in classroom and parish settings. Our publications and social media efforts are reaching millions across the globe. You

would probably be shocked to know that all this is accomplished through only seven full time employees!

Now I come to you. I am unashamed to beg for your support. You have the means to make a difference. Whether you have $5 or $50,000 that you can give, you can and will make a difference. A $10 monthly recurring donation, coupled with those of other donors, helps us ensure that our monthly bills are always paid.

Will you help me and the Avila Team continue to heal and shape the future of the Church through teaching and accompaniment rooted in the life changing mystical and theological tradition given to us by God?

Yours in Christ,
Dan Burke
President and Founder
Avila Foundation

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