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September 28, 2018: Q&A – The Dark Night, Contemplatio, Meditating on the Rosary

Join Dan and Stephanie Burke as they answer your questions about the dark night of the soul, lectio divina, concentration during prayer and the differences between the purgative and illuminative stages of prayer.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

  • Must we all experience the dark night of the soul at some point in our interior lives?
  • What should we do during the “contemplatio” step of lectio divina?
  • What should we do if we cannot seem to focus on the mysteries of the rosary while praying the rosary?
  • How do we know when we are moving from the purgative stage of prayer to the illuminative stage?
  • Can one who has reached the illuminative stage of prayer fall back to the purgative stage?


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