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August 17, 2018: Q&A – Forgiveness, Suffering and the Holy Spirit

Join Dan Burke as he answers questions from listeners about forgiving others, prayers during suffering and the Holy Spirit.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

  • Is it right to pray for God’s judgment on someone who caused us injustice?
  • How can we pray during suffering and avoid despair?
  • Why do some people resist the Holy Spirit?
  • Are prayers during suffering, when you do not feel engaged in prayer, reaching God? Is God pleased with these prayers even though your mind and heart are distracted?


What is Divine Intimacy Radio?

The Divine Intimacy Radio Show is a haven of rest and wellspring of spiritual life for those people seeking intimacy with God and the enlightened path of Catholic mystical and ascetical wisdom. Every week, our co-hosts Dan Burke and Melissa Elson explore topics related to the interior life and Catholic teaching, including prayer, spiritual direction, meditation, contemplation, and holiness.

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This radio show can also be heard every Sunday on EWTN Radio, Sundays at 6:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 11:00 pm Eastern time. We are grateful to EWTN for their support!

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