The Christmas Apostle – Advent Retreat Guide on St John the Evangelist

The Christmas Apostle: A Retreat Guide on St. John the Evangelist

the Christmas Apostle

Written and presented by Fr. John Bartunek, LC, SThD

Father John Bartunek introduces us to his latest Advent Retreat Guide on Saint John the Evangelist!

St. John the Evangelist, more than any other of the eleven Apostles, was wonderfully fascinated by the amazing, marvelous event of God becoming man and living among us. His writings are filled to the brim with this fascination, which is one reason why they play such a central role in the liturgy throughout the Christmas season. St. John is so fascinated with the Incarnation, in fact, that there are very good reasons to simply call him the Apostle whose favorite holiday was Christmas. And those reasons are what this Advent Retreat Guide, The Christmas Apostle, will explore.

  • In the First Meditation, we will dig into the core of St. John’s Christmas message.
  • In the Second Meditation, we will meditate on St. John’s own life experience when it comes to living out this message.
  • And in the Conference, we will reflect on some common obstacles to living Advent well, and how to overcome them.

May God bless you and keep you this Advent season!

Fr. John Bartunek, LC, SThD


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