The Life and Ministry of the French Carmelite Mystic Elizabeth of the Trinity

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The Life and Ministry of the French Carmelite Mystic
Elizabeth of the Trinity

Father Mitch Pacwa interviews our own Dr. Anthony Lilles on the life and ministry of the French Carmelite Mystic who will be canonized tomorrow, Sunday October 16, 2016: Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906). Her canonization will be aired live on EWTN at 4:15 a.m. Eastern time.

Dr. Lilles first came across her writings when he was studying the theology of St. John Paul II. Besides the indwelling of the Trinity, Dr. Lilles discusses Elizabeth of the Trinity’s mission in heaven and what kind of help to ask this new saint for. Other topics are prayer, silence, trust, spending time with the Lord, humility, living by faith and why Elizabeth of the Trinity is so important for our times today.


elizabeth-of-the-trinity-ewtn-screen-shot for post on French Carmelite Mystic Elizabeth of the Trinity
Elizabeth Catez (Elizabeth of the Trinity)


elizabeth-of-the-trinity-book-cover600widthTo learn more about Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity and the life of a Praise of Glory, please see Sister Giovanna della Croce’s Elizabeth of the Trinity: A Life of Praise to God, published in September 2016 by Sophia Institute Press.

In our noisy culture, Elizabeth of the Trinity reminds us of God’s power to establish in us a profound and peaceful stillness. She reminds us that that the Trinity is our home, and that God has created us in order to be united to Christ. In these pages, Sister Giovanna della Croce presents a brief and readable introduction to the teachings of Elizabeth of the Trinity, showing us the true path to contemplative prayer.

To learn more or purchase the book, click here.

To “make a retreat” with Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, please click here to visit for Dr. Anthony Lilles’ beautiful explanations of her retreat Heaven in Faith.


Video and video stills for this post and presentation used with permission of EWTN, all rights reserved. Cover of Elizabeth of the Trinity: A Life of Praise to God by Sr. Giovanna della Croce and translated by Julie Enzler, used with permission.

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