Discernment of Spirits Rule 14: The Enemy Attacks in Weakness

Discernment of Spirits
Rule 14 The Enemy Attacks in Weakness

This week, listen as Dan Burke and Melissa Elson discuss St. Ignatius’ Discernment of Spirits: Rule 14 The Enemy Attacks in Weakness. Find out how to combat the wiles of the devil using the weapons of heaven and the power of prayer.

 Topics/Questions covered in the show:

  •  Rule 14. The fourteenth: Likewise, he behaves as a chief bent on conquering and robbing what he desires: for, as a captain and chief of the army, pitching his camp, and looking at the forces or defenses of a stronghold, attacks it on the weakest side, in like manner the enemy of human nature, Rule 14 The Enemy Attacks in Weaknessroaming about, looks in turn at all our virtues, theological, cardinal and moral; and where he finds us weakest and most in need for our eternal salvation, there he attacks us and aims at taking us.”
  • How can one discern his or her vocation properly in accordance with God’s will?
  • How can we quickly overcome spiritual desolation?
  • The enemy watches us closely and attacks us at our weakest spiritual point.
  • How can we fortify our defenses against the enemy and succeed in virtue?
  • How can we recognize our root sin?


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