Month: November 2015

Jesus the Universal King

How is Jesus the Universal King? When was this solemnity established? And, by whom? Find out as Carmelite Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects on Christ as King of the Universe.


Presentation of Mary in the Temple (Part I)

What does St. Alphonsus Liguori have to say about the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Temple? Find out in today’s excerpt from “The Glories of Mary”…and view a portrait of the Blessed Mother painted by St. Alphonsus himself!

Meditation Can Hurt - SD Finding God through Meditation -

The Pain of Meditation

Why does Saint Peter of Alcántara say there can be pain in meditation? How can one avoid this? Find out in this excerpt from his book “Finding God Through Meditation” edited by Dan Burke.


What Exactly Are Virtues?

What is this thing called virtues? Father John Bartuek explains cardinal and theological virtues in this excerpt from “Seeking First the Kingdom”.

Using Chant to Help Your Prayer Life -

Using Chant to Help Your Prayer Life

Does sacred music–like secular music or profane music–interrupt prayer? Find out the amazing answer to this question when Dan Burke writes about how listening to chant can help one’s prayer life.

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