Affection for Jesus

Christ detail from Christ and the Rich Young Ruler for post on affection for Jesus Father Michael Najim has another wonderful video for us on having affection for Jesus. Listen below to learn about how we can develop a deep affection for Jesus Christ in our personal lives.



for post on affection for jesusAffection for Jesus: Father Michael Najim, a priest of the diocese of Rhode Island, reflects on God’s mercy and on our affections:  good and bad affections, affection for sin and attachment to sin, affection for our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives.  He discusses the damaging effects of sin and how we feel because of it.  He talks about how to remedy our affection for sin by developing a deep affection for Jesus.  Then is gives specific instruction on how we can develop a deeper affection for Christ and lessen our affection for sin. Father Najim lists three steps to implement in order to grow in this affection, including: what type of prayer we should practice every single day, how much time we should devote to prayer, and the sacraments

We thank Father Michael Najim, once again, for sharing this wonderful video which was originally posted in the fall of 2013 on his former blog.


Art for this post on having affection for Jesus: Video courtesy of Father Michael Najim, all rights reserved, used with permission. Video still of Father Michael Najim, courtesy of Father Michael Najim and used with permission. Christ Detail from Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, Heinrich Hofmann, 1 June 1889, PD-US author’s life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons.

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