Fr Jacques Philippe Interview: Searching for & Maintaining Peace

Father Jacques Philippe

Dear Catholic Spiritual Direction Friends,

Fr Philippe has devoted himself to spiritual direction and preaching retreats as a member of the Community of the Beatitudes, which was founded in France in the 1970s. As you know from my post about the mysterious encounter with him, I had the joy of interviewing him on Register Radio. I had the urge to get this ready for you today as I was reminded of this encounter after another visit to Casa Maria.

Fr Philippe believes this topic of peace is very important for everyone because, in everyone, there is a great need to find true peace, because he believes that, what he is sharing in his book, is in accordance with the Gospel, and because it has been nourished by the most beautiful spiritual tradition in the Catholic Church such as the Carmelite Tradition, and St. Francis de Sales, and because, in his life as a priest, he has had the opportunity to listen to many people who have talked with him about the difficulties, the trials and sufferings they encountered.

Bless you as you seek His peace!



Art Photography and Video for this post on Fr Jacques Philippe Interview: Searching for and Maintaining Peace: Father Jacques Philippe and Dan Burke on Register Radio from Avila Institute on Vimeo, used with permission.

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