Inspiration from Scripture

for post on inspiration from scriptureInspiration from Scripture: Father Michael Najim uses an example from his life on how music inspired him, in order to apply the example as a spiritual lesson.  He explains how we are often going through the day with negative thoughts, having problems or experiencing difficulties, which can sometimes hold us back and weigh us down.  We need to understand what kinds of things we are putting into our heads that help us throughout the day.  Father Najim cites Holy Scripture as packed with meaning for our lives.


Editor’s Note: Thanks to Father Michael Najim for sharing this video on with us from his blog site   2017 Addendum: Regrettably, Father Najim’s blog site was hacked and his writings (but not this video) can now be found at his new site: Fr. Michael Najim’s Blog by clicking here. 


Art for this post on Inspiration from Scripture: Still life with Bible, Vincent Van Gogh, 1885, PD-Art, Wikimedia Commons.

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