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Rule of Life (Program of Life)
Navigating the Interior Life Spiritual Dictionary

Rule of Life (Program of Life) – A specific and usually documented plan for living in accord with one’s state in life and baptismal commitments that includes principals, guidelines, and commitments that will guide each person to achieve sanctity, and in practical and concrete ways, love God and love their neighbor. A principle or regular mode of action, prescribed by one in authority, for the well-being of those who are members of a society. In this sense, the organized methods of living the evangelical counsels are called “rules”, as the Rule of St. Augustine or the Rule of St. Benedict. A rule may also be a customary standard that is not necessarily prescribed by authority, but voluntarily undertaken in order to regulate one’s conduct for more effective moral living or more effective service of others.


This Spiritual Dictionary Term is an excerpt from the Glossary of Dan’s book Navigating the Interior Life – Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God. To learn more, click here


Art: Cover of “Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God” by Dan Burke used with permission, all rights reserved.


What is spiritual direction and my spiritual direction? What are my “blind spots” and how can I uncover them? What keeps me from all the spiritual riches Christ has for me? How can I better understand where I am in my spiritual progress?

Daniel Burke’s Navigating the Interior Life will give you the tools you need to understand how and why we grow and die in the spiritual life and what we can do about it.

Most of us have questions about spiritual direction. What is it? Is it for me? What if I can’t find a spiritual director? These questions and more are well answered in Dan Burke’s book. The Lord is clearly calling all Catholics into a deeper union with him. This book, in a style which is both inspiring and practical, provides some of the Church’s most important wisdom about how to respond to this call.

Ralph Martin, PhD, president, Renewal Ministries and author of ‘The Fulfillment of All Desire’

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