Video – How can I improve my prayer life?

Improve My Prayer Life: How can this be Done?

Fr. John Bartunek and Dan Burke talk about how to improve our time in prayer and intimacy with the Lord.


Improve My Prayer Life
Improve My Prayer Life

How can we deepen our relationship with Christ? Father John Bartunek discusses what the key ideas, the three things we can do, that we need, in order to pursue in this.  How much time should we spend in prayer? What are the different types of prayer and when do we use them? And, how do we go about praying? What is the idea behind mental prayer, or Christian meditation?

Art: Homme en prière (Man praying [Man in Prayer]), Pierre-Louis Delaval, 1826, PD-US author’s life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons. Art for feature picture: Still of Father John Bartunek in Discussion with Dan Burke, all rights reserved, used with permission.


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