Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank You!

Thank you!Dear friends, I wanted to take a moment and thank God, our volunteers, combox encouragers, donors, and to thank you for the wonderful privilege of being a part of your lives.

Out of the approximately 10,400 subscribers and more than 200,000 readers of, there are a number of donors and a handful of tireless volunteers who ensure that we have the funds and effort we need to serve you every day.

Are we making a difference in your life?

We want to hear your story! Please list your first name, vocation, location (country/city), and then a brief testimonial regarding how we have served you. Thank you for your feedback, support, and particularly your prayers!


PS: You may have already received this post but right after I sent it, our server was hacked and the site was down for about 8 hours. So, here it is again. We would be grateful to hear from you…and we thank you!


Photography courtesy of Estler, used with permission.

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