Introducing Catholic Spiritual Direction Book Club

Dear Friends,

For many of you, drinking from the pure wells of the Church has become a regular lifeline when unable to find a suitable spiritual director.

As you know, spiritual reading is an essential element to any healthy life of faith. Inside or outside of spiritual direction, it is an absolute must if we desire the abundant life that Christ offers to us.

Given this reality, we are grateful to have a new team member with Catholic Spiritual Direction who has a passion for sharing and discussing the rich treasures of the Church with others. Her name is Vicki Burbach.

for post on spiritual direction book clubVicki is a wife and mother of six children ages 18 months to 13 years. She is a convert to the Catholic Church and an avid reader who organized a Catholic Book Club in Chicago, before moving to Kansas City in 2005. There she started a Classics Book Club among Catholics and that too, evolved into a Catholic Book Club.

Now that she and her family have moved again, she’s hoping to find others who would like to be amazed with her at all that Our Lord has to offer us through Holy Mother Church. Rather than have her start another local club, we thought it would be fun to establish an online book club here!

How will it work? Very simple:

  • We will select a book (always faithful to the Church of course).
  • Readers will each obtain a copy of the book and read it offline.
  • Vicki will determine a reasonable pace of reading (chapter(s) or pages per week).
  • Vicki will regularly post an excerpt and reflections from the current chapter.
  • Readers will be encouraged to comment and interact about the reflection or whatever they have read that they would like to share.

No time for reading at this stage in your life? Then by all means, join Vicki anyway and be inspired by thought-provoking quotes as well as commentary for those of us who would like to develop a heart of “Mary” in this “Martha” world.

PS: Vicki will post at least once a week on Tuesdays. Next week she will profile the first book, Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli, and layout a timeline for our reading together. This is a fantastic book and a great pace to start!

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