Crumbs for a Banquet Feast

Only one who has never been at the great banquet feast of Christ will insist that the crumbs under the world’s table are a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Your place is reserved for you… this is why He called you into being… don’t settle for crumbs.

The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that you might have life, and that more abundantly. – Jesus (John 10:10)*


*This is from the portion of Saint John’s Gospel called “The Good Shepherd Discourses”.

The thief and robber of the sheep,—as for instance a heretic or schismatic, a Scribe or Pharisee, or especially a false Christ,—comes to carry off the sheep (i.e., the faithful) from God and the Church, whose property they are, to hand them over to the synagogue of Satan, and there kill them by heresy and sin, and cast them into hell. But I who am the true Shepherd of the sheep (i.e., of the faithful) came down from heaven, not for My own sake, but for that of the faithful, that being freed by Me, they may have the life of grace, even yet more abundantly. The [Greek word] may be taken either as an adverb (abundantly), or as an adjective (abundant), that is, surpassing, exceeding all measure, that is. that they may abound in My doctrine and grace, and may live thereby, quick in spirit, enriched with spiritual gifts both in this world by grace, and in the world to come by glory.**

** from Cornelius à Lapide. (1908). The Great Commentary of Cornelius à Lapide: S. John’s Gospel—Chapters 1 to 11. (T. W. Mossman, Trans.) (Third Edition., Vol. 5, p. 365). Edinburgh: John Grant.

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