New Roman Missal Translation In a Nutshell

New Roman Missal Translation in a Nutshell

New Roman Missal Translation: Just to be clear, when I say in a “Nutshell,” I am not calling Mark Hart a “nut.” Mark is one of the best modern communicators of our faith. This video is by far the best summary I have seen on the new translation. It was created for teens but the humorous approach should make this interesting for anyone. If you like it, pass this post along to help others gain a better understanding of the changes that are just around the corner.

New Roman Missal Translation


PS: In anticipation of complaints from those who love the Liturgy as I do, I am most definitely not a fan of how I have seen the so-called “Life Teen Mass” implemented. However, I believe that Mark’s involvement with Life Teen will result in significant improvements. The purpose of this post is not to discuss Life Teen but to rejoice in the new translation … my combox moderation will be consistent with this intent. I pray that all in the English speaking world with be profoundly blessed by this significant improvement in our translation.

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