Catholic Bible Study Software & iPhone Apps? Really?

To some of my evangelical friends “Catholic Bible Study” may sound like a kind of oxymoron. But, those of us who know the best kept secrets of Catholicism know that there is more scripture read aloud and reverently in the Catholic Church across the world on any weekday than in all of the protestant Churches of the world combined on any Sunday. I don’t say this to cast aspersions on our protestant brothers and sisters but to simply point out the bible is a Catholic book birthed by the Catholic Church and revered by the same as the highest form of public revelation for two thousand years. So, it should be no surprise that in our time there is such a thing as “Catholic Bible Study Software.” Even better, how about software that not only provides a wealth of scripture study tools but also includes a vast library of searchable and cross-referenced resources from the rich tradition of Christ’s own Church. Here’s a video that explains this amazing resource better than I can.

Logos [now known as Verbum] is really the best Catholic Study Software in the known universe. There is nothing out there like it. Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Buy it
  2. Pray for someone to buy it for you (send them this post as a hint – Christmas is coming after all)
  3. Buy it for someone else (i.e. your priest, a seminarian, or your iPad wielding on-fire-for-Christ apologist grandmother)
  4. Open the Logos web page daily as an act of mortification and offer it up if you can’t buy it – but keep praying that it will arrive as a gift
  5. Go fishing in a near-by lake and look in the mouth of the first fish you catch. If you don’t find enough money to buy it, go back to options 2, or 5.
  6. As a favor to me and to support the good folks who put this together, please pass this post along to any serious Catholic looking to dig deeper into the endless riches of our glorious Church!

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