Out of Advent darkness into His marvelous light!

Correggio light of ChristDear Friends,

Last year, the note below came as a portion of my first post of the new liturgical year and my first personal note to you. Looking back on this today I was moved with particular gratitude. I was struck with the tremendous measure of joy I was feeling because of the coming of Advent, in spite of some challenging circumstances that have arisen this month. It is amazing how God heals if we allow him to. He really is the source of our joy if we release ourselves into his gentle care. I thought I would share a brief portion of last year’s note and then a bit more…

After a year of posts, for the first time, I feel compelled to send you a personal note. A friend of mine wrote a book a while back and shortly after publication he received a letter from someone indicating that he had intended to commit suicide but that the content of the book changed his mind. It is amazing that mere words, when they carry the balm of Christ and connect with an open heart, can change the course of a life. If we didn’t believe that, we wouldn’t work so hard on this blog. Our desire, our passion, is that those seeking spiritual solace on the internet will find some encouragement here.

What if I told you that I had a way to get tens of thousands of Catholics to spend thousands of hours absorbing the great treasures of our faith and to thereby deepen their relationship with Christ? What if I told you we had already achieved this amazing feat and desired to do even more by reaching one million Catholics by 2015?

For the faithful and regular readers of this site, we have reached and engaged more than 60,000 readers since last Advent and I have been inviting you to join in this life changing effort. Why now? Simply because I have realized that it really is possible to change lives via a medium like this and that there is still so much more that can be accomplished.

We can and will keep providing the same solid spiritual food for hungry souls. We can and will keep providing materials to third-world countries who would not otherwise have access to them.

What more can we do with your support? We can create video programs, podcasts, seminars, and other resources that reach more completely into the lives of those seeking to better know and love the King of Kings.

I want to invite you to join us in this great quest to unite souls more deeply with Christ and his Church. Please consider a tax deductible end of year gift. As you can see, our vision extends far beyond blog posts and web sites. With you, we can accomplish our dream of reaching one million Catholics with the great riches of his Church!

Please click below to either learn more or to help us in this effort!

May Christ be more present than ever to you and yours this Advent season.

Seek Him – Find Him – Follow Him

Dan Burke

PS: For those of you who are already helping us in this mission through prayer, encouragement, and financial support, Thank You!

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