Every year at the thanksgiving table our family tradition is to allow each member to express what they are particularly thankful for. As the parents of four teens we have heard some pretty memorable responses. I will never forget the year that our daughter expressed thanks for her suffering. She said that she knew that God was working in and through her personal experience of the pains of life. That same year our oldest son was thankful that my wife and I held his feet to the fire regarding his grades and living HeiligeFamilieBeimTischgebetSuddeutschHolyFamilyThanksgivingthe life that Christ calls him to. As you can imagine we were moved to tears.

Though these experiences are hard to beat, we are regularly blessed by feedback from you about your thankfulness for the work we do here at Catholic Spiritual Direction. We are constantly amazed at how many of you read the blog regularly, pass it along to your friends, and who’s lives are changed by the consistent delivery of faithful Catholic spiritual insights. I would have never guessed that a medium like this could make such a difference for so many across the world.

On another level I am amazed and grateful that a handful of you have taken it upon yourselves to offer one time or monthly donations to help us continue and expand this work. The good news is that your recent gifts and the efforts of our volunteers have allowed us to initiate the process of attaining non-profit status! We are well on our way and hope to have it completed over the next month.

For those of you who are also spiritually blessed and thankful for this site would you consider supporting us? There really is no amount too small. Monthly commitments of $5.00, $10.00 or $25.00 or more are particularly helpful in our ability to plan manage our expenses in a predictable manner (we also deeply appreciate one time gifts of any size!). This regular giving helps us to avoid the feast or famine cycle of most non-profits and allows us to incrementally improve our services. If you are able to help, please click here or on the donation button to the right. If you would like to learn more about our commitments to our donors, click here.

Regardless of your ability to help us financially, there is one thing you can do – send us a note of encouragement by leaving a comment on this post! Though we get feedback sporadically, sometimes a boost is helpful to the hearts of those behind this effort. If we have helped you deepen your faith in a specific way please tell us about it! Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support in furthering this important mission to bring Christ to those who are longing for something more in this fleeting life.

Thankfully yours and wishing all of you a fruitful thanksgiving this year,


PS: If God has blessed you with the ability to make larger donations and you would like to learn more about us and our plans for growth in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at RCSpiritualdirection@gmail.com.

Art: Die Heilige Familie beim Tischgebet (The Holy Family Giving Thanks), Anonymous Southern German Painter, 18th or 19th century, PD-US, Wikimedia Commons. Other art: file copy.

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