Make a Decision…

Make a Decision!
Make a Decision!

Decide. You’ve got to decide. Once and for all. If you don’t decide, really make a firm, specific, concrete decision to build your life on the earthquake-resistant foundation of prayer, then your life won’t be earthquake resistant. If God matters to you, then you will spend time with him – that’s prayer. If he doesn’t matter to you, you won’t spend time with him. Those are the two extremes. The problem is, most of us fall somewhere in between. Yes, God matters to us, but so do a lot of other things (studies, sports, hobbies, family, friends, fun, work – and the list goes on). Therefore, even though God matters, he often gets left on the very back burner, while we get fully absorbed in cooking up our favorite recipes on the front burner. Of course, we know intuitively that everything will be tastier if we season it with God’s love and wisdom, but somehow we keep putting him off. Only if we make a conscious decision to PRAY EVERY DAY will we succeed in developing, under God’s gentle guidance, a vibrant and rewarding prayer life. So make your decision. Now. And renew it later, tomorrow, again and again. Don’t wait until you become an expert in prayer to make a serious commitment to prayer – it’ll be way too late.

Yours in Christ, Father John Bartunek, LC


Art for the post “Make a Decision”:  A Fork in the Road, Richard Croft, 13 October 2008, CCA-SA, Wikimedia Commons.

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