Sufferings of Longing for My God: Teresa of Avila

A Matter of Life and Death: What Meditation is! From St Teresa of Avila


Sufferings of Longing for my God


for post on suffering of longings for my GodWoe is me, woe is me, Lord, how very long has been this exile! And it passes with great sufferings of longing for my God! Lord, what can a soul placed in this prison do? O Jesus, how long is the life of humans, even though it is said to be short! It is short, my God, for gaining through it a life that cannot end; but it is very long for the soul that desires to come into the presence of its God. What remedy do You provide for this suffering? There isn’t any, except when one suffers for you.

St. Teresa of Avila (St. Teresa of Jesus), Doctor of the Church: Soliloquies – #15 (The Soliloquies are spontaneous meditative prayers written by Saint Teresa of Avila’s own hand. Many of these soliloquies contain references to Scripture. They are also known from another title they have been given: “Exclamations of the Soul to God”).



Art for this post on Sufferings of Longing for My God – Teresa of Avila (St. Teresa of Jesus): La [última] comunión de Santa Teresa (The (last) communion of Saint Teresa), Juan Martín Cabezalero, circa 1670, PD-US author’s life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons.

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