Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer – Book Recommendation

Deep Conversion Deep Prayer DubayDeep Conversion, Deep Prayer

By Father Thomas Dubay, S.M., a retreat master and a spiritual director.

“As in his other popular writings, Father Thomas Dubay’s style is profound and meditative yet clear and readable. He gives an overview of the spiritual life for anyone seeking to grow in the love of God and neighbor. An expert on the teachings and writings of the two great mystical doctors of prayer and the spiritual life, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, Dubay gives solid practical advice for a deepening moral and spiritual conversion, and for a radical growth in holiness” (from the back cover of the book Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer).

“There are millions of mediocre ‘good Christians’ who need to hear the message of this book, which is the message of all the saints, about the universal call to holiness. Father Dubay is one of the truest, wisest, and most trustworthy guides on the road.” Quote from the back cover by Dr. Peter Kreeft.

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Art for this post on a book recommendation for the book “Deep conversion, Deep Prayer”: Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer by Father Thomas Dubay, S.M. used with permission.

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