Category: Dr. Peter Howard

The Resurrection of Our Bodies

Does what we do with our bodies affect our spiritual and apostolic lives? Find out when Dr. Peter Howard reflects on the dualism we sometimes unknowingly fall into and when he challenges us to come alive with Christ.


Mary, Teach Us How to Pray

What does Our Blessed Mother Mary teach us to pray? Find out when Dr. Peter Howard reflects on how we can learn from her instruction.


A Declaration of Dependence

A powerful reflection for the Fourth of July, Dr. Peter Howard has focused away from self-independence to dependence on God, against “freedom from” to “freedom for”.


The Victory of Surrender – Part II of II

What is the blessing of the victory of surrender to God? In part II of this two-part series, Dr. Peter Howard reflects on how he, and his family, are trusting utterly in the Lord as they launch the “Heroic Families” initiative.


Crossing Over the Sea of Mediocrity and Eternal Fire

Are we a zombie culture? Have we become numb to evil? What does this have to do with Halloween? Find out what the Blessed Mother, a couple of Popes, an Archbishop and Dr Peter Howard have to say about the world we live in and how to fix it.

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