So much of me just wanted to reprint my May 21, 2018 article because its relevance has only increased since that time. But October is the historical month of reformation  (Oct 31, 1517) and revolution (Russian revolution of 1917) and realizing this is more important now than ever with the diabolical revolution from within the Church and the spirit of revolution sweeping through America. However, October is more about revealing the solution to these revolutions because the final word on these problems was Our Blessed Mother who communicated one serious and uncompromising command that God wants of us: “Pray the Rosary” — so much does she desire this that she revealed herself at Fatima on October 13 as “The Lady of the Rosary.”

There is a scene in the popular movie “National Treasure” when Benjamin Gates had come to what he thought was a dead end to his quest. Thinking that the final clue would be something very difficult to uncover, it dawned on him that he had the secret with him all along — something he discovered at the beginning of his quest — and he said to himself: “Could it really be that simple?” He used that relic of a treasured past (a meerschaum pipe) and it opened the door to the treasure of all treasures.

The same can be said of the Church and the world today looking for an effective answer to all of the civil wars that taking shape:  within the Catholic Church, within America, within our marriages and families. Is the answer to this really as simple as rediscovering the power of the Rosary in our daily lives? Our Lady at Fatima said it is. Her exact words were: “Say the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, to obtain the peace of the world and the end of the war, because only she can obtain it”.

So there it is. Pray the Rosary . . . EVERY DAY. Our families won’t survive the revolution as mere bystanders. The demonic is loose and our children’s future lies in the balance.

In an insane world where common sense is now a revolutionary act, we need a spirituality which grounds us. And the Rosary does just that. It occupies every part of our being. It exercises our minds as we contemplate the mysteries which save us and give us the abundant life Jesus wants for us. It exercises our hearts as we tell Our Blessed Mother we love her with each Hail Mary. It exercises our strength because we pray these prayers as spiritual combat against all the evil in the world. 

No other prayer unites my family as much as the Rosary does. It isn’t easy to pray as a family but once we get started, the Rosary truly does bring about the peace that Mary promises and my family has experienced the power of her intercession for many important petitions that she has answered, especially helping my marriage and family through ongoing challenges.

I always encourage others to be creative when praying the Rosary. Other than the basic structure of the Rosary, you can do whatever you want with it. My family creates aromaRosaries which widen our experience of prayer by using essential oils to provide a sense-capturing aroma for each mystery we are contemplating. For example, introducing the aroma of frankincense while meditating on the birth of Jesus, or myrrh at His crucifixion, takes our prayer to whole new levels because our prayer becomes more incarnational engaging both spiritual and physical senses.

We also chant the Rosary Byzantine-style as my wife, Chantal, was baptized into the Byzantine rite. The Byzantines chant EVERYTHING, so how awesome would it be to incorporate that into the Rosary? At first, I cringed at the idea, but overcoming my Roman pride, I gave it a shot and now it’s my favorite way to pray the Rosary.

These two options for praying the rosary are now available to anyone who wants to try something new and get the whole family involved. It has been a huge game-changer for my family as we pray the rosary in all sorts of different ways, using Scripture meditations, going on Rosary walks, praying part of a Rosary on the way to school and the other half around dinner time . . . get creative! But just make sure you pray it and watch Our Blessed Mother’s promises of bringing peace to your family and leading you back to God be realized. 

There is no faster way to clean up the disaster the Church and the world are in than by inserting Our Blessed Mother into them and allow her to crush the head of the serpent and clean house…  beginning with yours and mine. We must win this new revolution and win it now with the Rosary.


Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

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