Tag: Purification

Our Meeting with the Holy Spirit

What is needed in order to experience God? Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects in this excerpt from his classic Carmelite meditation book “Divine Intimacy.”


The Necessity for Interior Purification

Why is interior purification necessary for union with God? What does it entail? Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects in an excerpt from his “Divine Intimacy” Carmelite spirituality classic meditation book.


The Test of Hope

Does everyone have to undergo the test of hope? Find out when Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects on this theological virtue, an excerpt from the Carmelite meditations classic “Divine Intimacy”.


Aridity and Dryness in Prayer Series

A comprehensive listing of SpiritualDirection.com posts, and their links, on aridity and dryness in prayer (and a few posts on the dark night that touch on aridity and dryness).


Interior Trials

How does God purify the soul? Find out about the trials of the Dark Night in this excerpt from the Carmelite classic “Divine Intimacy” by Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen where he quote St. John of the Cross and Blessed Louis de Bois and Elisabeth of the Trinity

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