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Faith of Our Grandmothers

“Sarah’s grandmother — surely a devout church lady – one whom I had never met, taught me something: pain can be directed; It can be purpose-filled.” – FB Smit


Exorcist Diary: Our Friends in Heaven

I had been praying for the monks but, in reality, it was they who were interceding for me. I was standing in the midst of saints. I thought, “’My friends, I thank you.’” – Monsignor Stephen Rosetti


The Power of Intercessory Prayer

“It is our vocation to intercede to God for everyone.” These words of St. Edith Stein sum up the Carmelite vocation, a call which St. Elizabeth of the Trinity took to heart, and one we all join in as part of the Christian life. Claire Dwyer continues her series.


Nothing Comes From Nothing

Nothing is wasted in the Economy of God–this mysterious, wonderful reality has us all implicated in each other’s salvation. Claire Dwyer is always amazed at the perfection of God’s plans.

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