Jo Flemings

Jo Flemings is a convert of 20 years who studied for two years at the military academy at West Point before resigning her appointment in favor of a better job offer as a wife and mother. She and her husband Cory have thirteen children and seven grandchildren. Jo currently holds down the family fort in North Carolina, and when she is not cooking for a small army, or giving directives for cleaning the bathrooms, laundry, car, and/or coat closet, she studies spiritual theology online with the Avila Institute.

Articles By Jo Flemings

Mother of a Seminarian

What’s it like to be the mother of a seminarian? Find out when Jo Fleming reflects…and shares her spiritual journey.


A Frame of Mercy

How did God use a simple picture frame to demonstrate His mercy? Find out when Jo Flemings reflects.


If I could only touch the tassle of your cloak…

If I could only touch the tassle of your cloak … The Tassle of Your Cloak: If I could but touch the tassle of Your cloak … Speak only one word, Lord and … Just Your glance toward me, O Jesus, and I am rescued and restored … You said you would not lose what

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