Ann Virnig

Ann Virnig is the Director of Mission Engagement and Advancement at The Avila Foundation where she is responsible for overseeing donor relations and fundraising initiatives. On a quest to help souls engage with the mission of the Avila Foundation, Ann is passionate about connecting with our supporters and is focused on improving programs, outreach and relationships. Prior to taking on her role at The Avila Foundation, Ann has over 15 years’ experience in the medical sales and management industry. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Divine Mercy University and in her spare time is devoted to family, friends, spiritual direction, and healing and deliverance ministry.

Articles By Ann Virnig

When I’m Tempted

“If there’s one thing my time at Avila has helped me understand, it is that not all the thoughts in my head are my own. And I’ve learned to renounce and reject the suggestions that ‘things will always be this way’ or ‘why bother?’” – Ann Virnig

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