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Very Rev. Donald Calloway – Navigating the Interior Life

Very Reverend Donald Calloway’s Advance Praise for “Navigating the Interior Life” As a spiritual director, I’m thrilled that Dan Burke has written this book! I’ve been waiting for a book like this. It offers an honest, straight forward, and realistic presentation of how to grow in the interior life, and is sure to be of


Lisa Hendey – Navigating the Interior Life

If you spot Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God and think either, “I’m too busy for spiritual direction” or “My journey with God is just fine, thank you,” do yourself a favor and immediately buy this fantastic book. Moving well beyond its excellent opening chapters on helping you understand and engage in


Dr Ralph Martin – Praise for Navigating the Interior Life

Dr Ralph Martin – Advance Praise for “Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God” Most of us have questions about spiritual direction. What is it? Is it for me? What if I can’t find a spiritual director? These questions and more are well answered in Dan Burke’s book. The Lord is


Sr Regina M Gorman: Praise for Navigating the Interior Life

Sister Regina Marie Gorman ~ Advance Praise for Navigating the Interior Life No one seeks God alone. Everyone needs help. The journey, however, need not be a complicated one. Thanks be to God, you will have in your hands a simple handbook for seeking God. It is informative, succinct, logical and balanced . . .


Archbishop Naumann: Praise for Navigating the Interior Life

Archbishop Naumann: Praise for “Navigating the Interior Life” Just as serious athletes would be foolish for not seeking coaches and trainers to help them learn from the experience of others how best to develop their natural skills, so for the Christian pursuing holiness it is foolhardy not to seek the counsel and direction of wise


Discerning Hearts Talks with Dan about Navigating the Interior Life

Here’s another great interview with Dan from the Catholic Marketing Network that took a few interesting twists and turns. This time it was with Kris McGregor who runs a really beautiful site (and apostolate) called Discerning Hearts. Discerning Hearts shares much of the same passion as we do at Catholic Spiritual Direction. Here’s what Kris


How can I better prepare for Lent?

Can you help me better understand how I should approach the Lenten season? I always seem to find myself in the season without any preparation and then make a knee jerk commitment that I rarely follow through with. Anyway, I am a bit ahead of the game this year but would be grateful if you


I am undone

I am undone. I stand before Him naked. I bring nothing but need. He is faithful. I am undone. He will care for me. I am a child. I am undone. I bring nothing. He is everything. In Him I am what he desires me to be. In Him I will have the strength to


How do the suffering pray?

This morning I woke up after eight hours of sleep feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. My head was heavy with pain, my body aching and complaining. I inched my way out of bed, took my mound of medication, and went to pray. As I began my time of meditation, the pain in my


Sleep eludes me…

Sleep Eludes Me Sleep eludes me Night encompasses me without rest Oh the glorious day when I can peacefully rest in His arms! + This prose is from a writer who goes by the pseudonym of Anonymous. He or she relates how tortured they are, an almost unbearable misery and ordeal, the hardship of something

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