Ever ancient ever new
Are the paths desire trods
Until the tale as old as time
To the eternal nods

So the starlight shines and shines
From places old and deep
Through millennia and miles past
Glimmering still, for me

Is their source beyond my reach?
Oh to touch the flame!
The one that burns and burns and burns
And burned in Him who came

To wound my heart with brilliant light
As if to set the cosmos right
In effect to cauterize
The places where the ancient lies
Got lodged and had to be removed

Thus in pain His love is proved
I am black but beautiful

Oh to hear upon the door
The hand that leaves my heart so sore!
As I toss in restless night
Desperate to be filled with light

Open! Open!
Just a crack!
That dawn might creep into the black
Love’s gentle, bright-white rays to free
My intellect and memory

Or is Love like a raging flame?
Wildfire in my brain!
Blazing every pathway new
Until all lead to what is true

How ‘bout fire in the hole?
Love exploding in my soul!
Mercy re-creating me
In spectacular show of charity

So much heat I burn to feel
But if I don’t, it’d still be real
The redemption that I seek
Does its secret work in me

Could He be here?
The Light Himself?
The Way, the Truth, the Life?
The One who set my soul ablaze?
Still no glimpse through the haze

He penetrates
He radiates
I want to say He satiates

Yet so much more I long to see:
The burning bush on Calvary
The splendor of His Majesty
Eternal noon prepared for me

When He will neither wax nor wane
And I will be without a stain
Blinded by the bright, I’ll see
Meaning in His Mystery

For now, I wait and wait and wait
With starlight in my eyes
Someday to know as Magda did
The ecstasy of surprise

I wait and wait and wait and wait
In strangest agony
And while I wait I don’t forget
He waited first for me

To look up and see the stars
Twinkling in the dark
Piercing through the veil of night
Rays from His Father’s Heart


Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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