This morning, the older gentleman who preached for our Communion service ended by pulling out his rosary and saying, “And don’t forget to call your Mama!” I smiled. I call her every day, but still cannot put my finger on when that holy habit formed. I always had a rosary close by.

But this morning, his advice felt profound.

Yesterday, my daughter was babysitting for a neighbor and called me. As I answered, I heard her sobs, “Mom, I fell and hurt my ankle really bad. I need you to come. Come right now.” My heart in that moment!

As soon as I heard her quivering voice, I wanted to be there. Already walking towards the door, I assured her, “I’m on my way.” I hung up the phone, and my husband and I dashed over there. We found her on the landing of the steps with a very swollen ankle and teary eyes.

She’s a teenager. The calls for Mom over an injury are rare these days, but there she was–my little girl.

My husband, Joe, lifted her onto his back to carry her home, and I stayed behind to fill in for her babysitting responsibilities.

“Call your mama.” That rosary. Layla’s phone call. It all had me pondering.

How many times have I called Mary like that? So many. There have been so many heart-wrenching moments. A nephew’s death. A friend’s cancer. A friend’s child’s cancer. A car accident. A shooting. A surgery. A fight with a family member or friend.

“Mama Mary, come quick. My heart hurts. I can’t fix this. Pray for us.” So. Many. Times. I have made that call, and she and the Father come dashing to my prayers, lifting me up, stepping in, and comforting me. I don’t always receive answers, but I do feel assured by their presence.

Most days, though, my daily rosary is much like a phone call where there’s not much to report. I am sometimes folding laundry or driving in the car when I say my rosary. Occasionally, a person comes to mind during a specific mystery, and I simply pray for that person, for God to bless them, and for Mary to stay close to them. It is very much like a phone call, nothing profound, simply: here’s what’s coming to mind; here’s our schedule today; here’s where my heart is; just checking in.

Similarly in the mysteries, she shares with me ways to grow or things to think about, sometimes connecting my morning reading with a meditation on a mystery. She reminds me how to say yes to God and how to love others. She reminds me of God’s faithfulness, of His love and mercy, of my identity in Him and those are always good reminders to start my day.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from my heavenly Mother! Who wouldn’t want to call her every day? I am so grateful she is just a rosary away, a direct line to her, any assistance I need, and all she has to teach us about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

St. Therese of Lisieux once said, “The rosary is a long chain that links heaven & earth.” I feel this is true, but today I have started thinking of it as an old telephone cord.

When I pick my Rosary up, I know Mary will be answering and listening, ready to help.


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