“M” was repeatedly cursed by witches and is now demonically afflicted. A couple of nights ago, she received a threatening text from demons: “You’ll have your migraine all night for throwing me up b[expletive].” A few hours prior to the text, M was being greatly oppressed by demons so we prayed over her. Then she vomited up an ugly, thick, black liquid. The demons departed and she returned to full self-consciousness.

Preternatural coughing and vomiting during an exorcism are typically a positive development since they are a sign that demons are being cast out. In the text, the demons admitted that she vomited them up and they were threatening to give her a migraine in retaliation.

We have long known that, in the final stages of liberation, the afflicted will often vomit up strange things. Exorcists have reported unusual objects being ejected such as nails, chains, demonic figurines, cursed objects, and even snakes. These items were not in the afflicted person’s stomach but rather preternaturally materialized in the mouth.

The object in the vomit will be related to the cause and/or substance of their possession. It is not random. In this case, K was cursed by a witch. What she coughed up was a kind of witches’ bolus or substance of the curse.

We have other folks who are also suffering from witches’ curses or evil spirits of divination. Some of them have also excreted ugly substances from various bodily orifices. The good news is that, after the excretion, afflicted persons always say they feel lighter and freer.

There is a related prayer for exorcists on our APP/website, “Prayer for Someone Who Has Ingested a Cursed Object,” which concludes with:

“I exorcise you so that all evil should be destroyed and annihilated in whatever

manner it was done to the servant of God N. Pass from his (her) visceral organs

and push the evil out, so that you will be spitted out naturally without damaging

his (her) body or mind. Amen.”*

Witches’ curses are very real.** They summon the dark power of demons. But they are nothing compared to the liberating power of Christ. Once I commanded the demons to tell me: “Who is Lord: Jesus or Satan? I command you to tell the truth!” The demons snarled and choked out the truth. They said, “Jesus.”


*If the laity wish to recite such a prayer, we recommend they amend it to being a deprecatory prayer. Instead of directly commanding the demons to leave (an imprecatory prayer), the prayer would be addressed to God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary or some saints and angels. A deprecatory prayer asks them to cast out the demons.

**See also: https://www.catholicexorcism.org/post/exorcist-diary-151-a-witch-s-power

This post was originally published on Catholicexorcism.org and is reprinted here with permission.

Image: Depositphotos.

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