Overcoming Sinful Thoughts W/Fr. Morrow | Discussion

Overcoming Sinful Thoughts W/Fr. Morrow | Discussion

You can purchase your own copy of the book here: https://www.sophiainstitute.com/products/item/overcoming-sinful-thoughts

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Find more about Fr. Morrow here: https://cfalive.com/

In this webinar we discuss how Satan is constantly at work disturbing our peace, corrupting our thoughts, demoralizing us in our weaknesses, and diverting our attention away from God. His goal: to paralyze our spiritual efforts and mire us in a life of sin.

Sin begins in our minds, so we must train ourselves to root out evil thoughts before they take hold—or deter them from entering in the first place. In this powerful, life-changing book, Fr. Thomas Morrow shows us how the devil uses our thoughts to throw us off balance and draw us into sin. He also explains how our thoughts can dissuade us from doing good and even inhibit us from developing intimacy with God.

Fr. Morrow will also show you:

-Why God allows suffering in the world

-John Paul II’s pivotal advice for controlling your sexual desires

-The reason Satan wants you to aim for purgatory

-Why you must never regard Confession as embarrassing

-How the devil tempts you to believe that venial sins aren’t so bad

-How to prevent loneliness from becoming the devil’s playground

-Why it’s wrong to believe that governing your feelings means you can’t be yourself

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Disclaimer: Not all views expressed in this show by the host or any of the guests, past or future, represent Catholic Spiritual Direction or anyone associated with Catholic Spiritual Direction or the Avila Foundation, or any of its affiliates.

The purpose of the show is to facilitate an engaging and thoughtful conversation with the desire and goal of deepening all aspects and understanding of the Catholic Faith. This requires asking hard questions, engaging in conversations that may be uncomfortable, intellectual honesty, and above all, full allegiance and surrender to Christ and His Church. Thank you for listening.

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