Our Team has exorcized a number of houses, rectories, schools, and church buildings. One of the Team members present is usually a gifted spiritual sensitive. Such people can often tell us where the demons are located, what kind of evil spirits they are, and perhaps when they are cast out.

Invariably, demons will be concentrated in areas where sinful, and especially occult, behavior has taken place. For example, we found demons in known places of illicit sex. We found a demon in the office of a practitioner of Reiki. A possessed person had several in her workspace. The worst was an area where occult rituals had been performed and religious statues defaced: it was totally infested!

After doing these exorcisms of a place for some years, I noticed a pattern. In places where there were televisions, regardless of which spiritual sensitive was present, he or she always noted a demon on the main chair in front of the TV. Sometimes I knew the individuals involved in that place and I do not think the majority of them were watching pornography or explicitly sinful material. Why then was there almost invariably a demon in that place?

Upon reflection, what we are viewing on our screens today, and what society considers “normal,” is often sexually arousing and filled with violence. What was considered objectionable only a few decades ago is now considered acceptable for daily viewing. Our society may not consider such material as an opening to evil, but apparently, demons do!

Watching such material will not likely result in someone getting possessed, but it will invite demons into one’s home. And the stronger the demons present, the more chaos, conflict, and temptations they will sow. The consistent presence of demons in front of televisions ought to make us more conscious and vigilant about what we watch. There are some fine shows on television, but there are many others that are not.

Rather than opening the door to demons by watching such degrading shows, why not recite in our living rooms the daily family rosary instead? Thus, we invite into our homes the Blessed Virgin and her beautiful angels.


Image courtesy of Unsplash.

This post was originally published on Catholicexorcism.org and is reprinted here with permission.

Monsignor Rossetti’s book, Diary of an American Exorcist, can be purchased here.

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