Prostrate Hearts: Prepare in Advance for the Graces of Lent

Dear friends,

I know, I know — it probably seems too early to be talking about Lent already, but Church historically gives us some extra time called ‘Pre-Lent’ to begin preparing our hearts and minds to receive the mysteries and the graces of Lent in a more powerful way.

It has become a favorite tradition for Dan Burke to host a webinar introducing this practice. 

Join us for “Prostrate Hearts: Prepare in Advance for the Graces of Lent” on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 7PM Central and hear Dan share about: 

  • Where Pre-Lent fits in the tradition of the Church
  • What the Lord might be asking of you this Lent
  • Best Lenten practices
  • What graces are given during this particular season
  • The opportunity to examine your own relationship with God
  • Additional recommendations and resources
  • And more!

Register at this link today!

And remember, we’ll send the recording to everyone who registers afterward. 

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Yours in Christ,

Debbie Aguiar

Events Manager

Avila Foundation

PS – Keep up-to-date on our coming events at our Events Page.  We are always adding new offerings!

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